What Are These Summer of Internet Freedom Events Anyway?

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What is an Internet freedom event?

The Summer of Internet Freedom is a week-long celebration of all the things we love about the Internet. Put simply, it’s a series of events, gatherings and meetings that are part of a larger effort to support expression, access, openness, innovation and privacy on the Internet.

When are the events happening?

Ideally events will take place during the week of August 4–12. However, you are not limited to that timeframe. You may host an event at any time during the month of August.

Where are the events?

At your place! Just kidding … sort of. The events are taking place around the world. Click here to see the list of existing events. Or if you’d like to host an event, click here.

Who's behind the Summer of Internet Freedom?

The organizer of the Summer of Internet Freedom is Free Press, a nonpartisan organization building a powerful nationwide movement for media that serve the public interest. Our allies around the world are also participating — and activists just like you are hosting the events. Click here to learn more about Free Press.

Who’s hosting the individual events? Can I organize an event?

Yes! Anyone can host an event. If you or anyone you know wants to host an event or get more information about how to do so, click here.

If I host an event, what do I have to do?

Pick a date, time and place. Invite people and play host. Make some food. Facilitate a discussion about the Declaration of Internet Freedom. Take some pictures and/or video. Print out a copy of the Declaration of Internet Freedom and mark it up. Consider asking people to donate to Free Press. And, of course, tell us how it went!

Why is Free Press organizing Internet freedom events? Why should people attend?

We want to launch a national conversation about what Internet freedom means for individuals and their communities. The Declaration for Internet Freedom is a vehicle for that conversation and we hope that people will discuss, debate, celebrate and remix the Declaration in their own words. We also want to create a public show of support for the Declaration, connect people who are interested in these issues together at events, and use the document to hold policymakers and companies accountable to the Declaration's principles.

Are other people hosting events?

Yes! We hope to have at least 100 events worldwide. Click here to find one near you.

Anything in particular I should do at the event?

Remix the Declaration! We want people to interact and “remix” the Declaration of Internet Freedom and talk about why the Internet is so great. After the meetings, we’re hoping to have a continuing community of Internet activists in your area to work for Internet freedom.

Will you help me host the event? Will you be there?

We can help! We set up an online tool to help you host an event. Using the tool means that we can promote your event and provide you with resources and information. You can also use the tool to invite people and keep track of responses. While we’d love to go to all the events and hang out with you, we can’t be in 100 places all at once. But you can call on us with any questions. Email us for help at declaration@freepress.net.

I have more questions about Internet freedom events. Who can I contact?

Feel free to email us at declaration@freepress.net

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