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The Fate of Net Neutrality Hinges on the House

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Net Neutrality
Media Consolidation

How the AT&T-Time Warner Deal Could Ruin the Open Internet

June 20, 2018

Companies like AT&T now have the power to crush competition, limit access of new entrants to the media marketplace, stifle critical voices and promote their own content.

California’s two Net Neutrality bills are poised to become one, preventing ISPs that do business with the state from blocking or slowing down online content.

This week large ISPs like Charter insisted that repealing Net Neutrality will be a really wonderful thing for American consumers.

Cable giant Comcast has launched a hostile bid for 21st Century Fox, the media empire controlled by Rupert Murdoch.

If the Justice Department succeeds in blocking the AT&T-Time Warner merger, the president could send the cable-TV industry into a tailspin.

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