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BIG NEWS: Your Donation to Save Net Neutrality Will Be Tripled

We need to raise $100k to save the internet — help us get there!
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How to Have a Voice in Local News

This guide offers steps for the public to build relationships with reporters — along with ideas, strategies and tools for anyone who wants to have a voice in local journalism, contribute to a healthy news environment, and see more perspectives reflected in coverage of their community.

Tactics for Transforming Local News

This how-to toolkit offers step-by-step instructions for communities on the very same tactics News Voices uses. We share strategies on how to envision local news that represents the community, host story circles, hold community meetings with journalists and more.

Creating an Engaged Newsroom Toolkit

This toolkit showcases best practices of community engagement, addresses questions and concerns we’ve heard from reporters, and provides concrete tips for newsrooms interested in hosting live events in their communities.

Organizing for Journalists

This toolkit is a step-by-step breakdown of how reporters can use the principles and practices of community organizers to deepen trust in the communities they serve, uncover underreported stories, and collaboratively identify solutions to local challenges.

How News Voices Can Support Your Newsroom

Learn about ways the News Voices team helps local newsrooms build trust, deepen relationships and strengthen local journalism.

What New Jersey Residents Have to Say About the Civic Info Bill

Free Press Action Fund held 10 community forums across the state in 2017. Here's what residents had to say about New Jersey media and the Civic Info Bill.

Our Work on Local Journalism

The future of journalism and the future of our communities are intertwined. News Voices is bringing communities and newsrooms together. Here's how:

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as we challenge powerful corporations, hold policymakers accountable and mobilize millions.

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