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The Fate of Net Neutrality Hinges on the House

Urge your rep to vote YES on the CRA
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How to Have a Voice in Local News

This guide gives residents concrete tips on how to build relationships with local reporters.

Creating an Engaged Newsroom Toolkit

This guide explores how newsrooms can engage the communities they serve.

Collaborating with Community: A Starting Guide

This guide is designed to help news organizations examine how they interact with residents. We encourage reporters to think about the power they hold and how they can share that power with the people they serve.

News Voices: New Jersey Forum Report

Free Press Action Fund held 10 community forums across the state in 2017. Here's what residents had to say about New Jersey media and the Civic Info Bill.

Our Work on Local Journalism

The future of journalism and the future of our communities are intertwined. News Voices is bringing communities and newsrooms together. Here's how:

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as we challenge powerful corporations, hold policymakers accountable and mobilize millions.

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