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Time is running out

The coming months are crucial: The FCC is poised to make major decisions that could be felt for a generation.

We need to pull off a huge public mobilization effort without any donations from business, government or political parties — we don’t take their money.

Your Support Matters. A Lot.

Donate today and double your impact: If we raise $100,000, generous donors will kick in another $100,000.


Top 3 Things We’re Up Against

  • Wealthy + Powerful Opponents


    The biggest phone and cable companies (and their trade associations) spent more than $53 million lobbying Congress and the FCC in the first six months of 2014. Comcast alone is paying more than 200 lobbyists to push through its merger.

    Free Press, by comparison, has a staff of 23 people and a modest budget. We accept donations only from individuals and charitable foundations.

  • Astroturf + Lies


    Companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon trade their “charitable relationships” for endorsements of bad policies and set up fake grassroots groups to spread lies and misinformation.

    Free Press research and analysis consistently debunk our opponents’ spin campaigns and put forward viable policy solutions that serve the public interest.

  • Out-of-Touch Policymakers


    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the other commissioners spend too much time listening to lobbyists — and not enough time listening to the public. It’s been more than five years since all five FCC commissioners left Washington in an official capacity to meet with real people.

    That’s why Free Press is pushing for opportunities for policymakers to hear directly from the public — not just big corporations.

How Your Gift Will Help Us Win

Thanks to Free Press’ growing base of 900,000 members, we’ve made tremendous strides in spite of the David-vs.-Goliath odds we face.

But to win, we need to do more: We need to make it politically impossible for policymakers to mess with the open Internet and support harmful mergers.

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Fund the Fight!

To win on these two crucial campaigns, we need your help right away.

Your support will help us expand the movement and boost our power to convince the FCC to do the right thing. And by strengthening the movement today, your gift will help us sustain the fight far into the future.

Make your most generous gift. Remember, every dollar you donate will get us closer to matching our $100,000 challenge. Thank you!


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