The FCC and Media Policy

The Federal Communications Commission is charged with overseeing and regulating our nation’s communications infrastructure. Though the FCC is supposed to serve the public interest, too often it favors corporate wish lists. Free Press amplifies the public’s voice and pushes the FCC to listen to the people it’s supposed to represent.

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  • Radio Can Help Puerto Rico Rebuild

    October 17, 2017

    In the wake of the massive devastation wreaked by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Federal Communications Commission has acted swiftly to address the crisis impacting Puerto Rico. Still there remains a wonderful opportunity to take a pioneering lead in restoring crucial communications networks, including radio.

  • FCC Chair Ajit Pai's Silence on Trump Tweets Speaks Volumes

    October 13, 2017

    President Donald Trump's war of words with the press escalated again Wednesday when he suggested challenging, or revoking, the broadcasting licenses of stations that air network-news programming. The response from the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission: silence.

  • Join the Net Neutrality Team

    Union Edge Radio
    October 10, 2017

    Free Press Action Fund Field Director Mary Alice Crim joins us to talk about what Net Neutrality is, how it affects everyone, and why you should join Team Internet to protect your online rights.

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good