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In the course of just a few weeks, the Trump administration has launched a full-scale attack on our civil liberties.

In particular, he’s targeted our most vulnerable communities, releasing executive orders that threaten the rights of immigrants and instituting an unconscionable Muslim ban.

Across the country, millions of people are rising up to speak out against these actions — but the CEOs of 19 major companies are sitting pretty on Trump’s business council, happy to serve as advisers.

Their participation is an endorsement of Trump’s bigotry.

These corporate leaders include Disney CEO Bob Iger. Our friends at Muslim Advocates and Color Of Change are calling on the heads of all these companies to immediately resign their membership. Allies including CREDO Action, the Center for Popular Democracy Action, Free Press and SumOfUs are supporting this campaign, in part by signing on to letters urging Disney and Tesla to step down from the council.

At Free Press we’re paying particular attention to Disney. Today we’re asking you to join us in urging CEO Bob Iger to quit the council and reject Trump’s despicable Muslim ban.

Media companies should serve and represent their audiences, not support racist policies that have wrongfully detained hundreds of people. By sitting on Trump’s business council, Iger is prioritizing what he described as a “great opportunity” to curry political influence and rake in corporate welfare. In so doing he’s devaluing the safety and freedom of Disney’s employees and the communities the company serves.

Recently, Iger has been trying to distance himself from Trump’s council by skipping meetings  — but that isn’t enough. We need Disney to stop cooperating with the Trump administration altogether.

Too often, our media and technology institutions function as tools of white supremacy. Some companies are trying to change that: Nearly 100 tech companies recently filed an amicus brief urging a federal court to block Trump’s Muslim immigration ban. They argue that the executive order is unlawful, discriminatory and arbitrary — as well as damaging to innovative businesses.

Unfortunately Iger thinks it’s in Disney’s best interest to collaborate with racism — we need to show him exactly how wrong he is.

This kind of pressure works: Just last week, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick left Trump’s business council after calls to #DeleteUber rattled the company. We have the power to shut down Trump’s bigotry — and this is only the beginning.

Join us and urge Disney CEO Bob Iger to quit the council immediately.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good