Jon Stewart for FCC Chair

On Thursday night, Jon Stewart "interviewed" Rupert Murdoch about the News Corp. mogul's ambitions to buy the Los Angeles Times — and the legal hurdles that stand in the way of this acquisition.

Specifically, the two talked about the Federal Communications Commission’s longstanding cross-ownership ban, which blocks companies from owning both the daily newspaper and TV stations in the same market (Murdoch owns TV stations in L.A. and Chicago and wants to buy papers in both cities). This is the same ban that the outgoing FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has been trying to gut for the last six months.

In the brief interview, Stewart asks the kind of questions of Rupert Murdoch that the FCC should be asking.

It was recently revealed that Murdoch’s News Corp. may seek a waiver to get around the cross-ownership ban. “I assume you are asking us to waive our laws," Stewart said to Murdoch, "as a courtesy so you don’t have to break them.” At the end of the interview, Stewart reminded Murdoch, “The law against media consolidation was really written with people like you in mind.”

The entire clip is pure gold, and a reminder that the fight over media consolidation continues.

Click here to watch Stewart at his best.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good