Calling All CREDO Customers and Petition Signers!

Did you know you can help fund Free Press’ work to change the media and build a better democracy — without spending a penny?

Here’s how: Vote for Free Press via the CREDO 2012 Donations Ballot.

Free Press is one of 40 nonprofits CREDO customers selected to receive donations this year. Each person has 40 votes to distribute, so more votes for Free Press = more support for Free Press. We’re in the “voting rights and participation” category.

New to CREDO? No problem! You can still vote for Free Press.

  1. Visit the CREDO ballot page.
  2. Click “New to CREDO.”
  3. Sign a petition to register as a CREDO Action member.
  4. Click the CREDO Action Banner at the top left.
  5. Click “Vote to divide our 2012 donations.”
  6. Select “CREDO Action member” from the drop-down menu. Fill in the same contact information you used for the petition.
  7. On the ballot page, scroll down to the “voting rights and participation” category. After allocating your votes (please consider casting all 40 for Free Press), click “Submit My Votes.” You’re done!

Your votes will help power Free Press’ work to:

  • Protect free speech online.
  • Get everyone connected to fast, affordable Internet.
  • Stop runaway media consolidation.
  • Increase funding for public and community media.
  • Put diverse voices and perspectives on the airwaves.

Click the image below to vote on the CREDO site. Thank you!

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good