Fixing the Media? We've Got Apps for That

What if there was a gadget that could fix everything that’s wrong with the media?

There’s no such thing — yet.

But at Free Press we’re building a people-powered machine that fights every day to change the media and build a better democracy. Click here to read about all of the “apps” that make Free Press such a powerful and effective tool for achieving lasting change.

Then please consider a contribution of $25 (or more!) today. A loyal Free Press supporter will match all gifts received by Dec. 31, 2012.

Your gift today will help power Free Press’ work to:

  • Protect free speech online.
  • Get everyone connected to fast, affordable Internet.
  • Stop runaway media consolidation.
  • Increase funding for public and community media.
  • Put diverse voices and perspectives on the airwaves.

Free Press activists have proven time and again that we can stand up to giant companies — and win.

We stopped the AT&T merger. We killed SOPA and PIPA. We prevented cuts to public media funding. We protected journalists’ rights. We kept phone and cable companies from ripping off their customers. We forced broadcasters to put political ad information online. We launched the Declaration of Internet Freedom. And we’re going to stop the Federal Communications Commission’s latest giveaway to Rupert Murdoch.

Free Press activists took more than a million actions this year — and more than 100,000 new people joined our ranks. 

But it will take millions of people working together every day to create a truly democratic media and achieve our long-term goals. And we’ll face formidable opponents with deep pockets every step of the way. We can’t stop now.

Please donate $25 today to support Free Press’ work in 2013.

There’s no magic gadget that will do all this work at the press of a button. But there is Free Press — and you.

Together we can keep standing up to our opponents — and winning.

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good