Oakland Becomes the Epicenter for Journalist Arrests

While most of the attention surrounding journalist arrests at Occupy protests has focused on New York City, where more than 20 journalists have been detained, it looks like Oakland will be giving the Big Apple a run for its money. On Jan. 28, Oakland police detained six journalists during mass arrests of Occupy protesters. This comes just weeks after Oakland police apprehended another journalist who, in a video of the arrest, appeared to be obeying orders to disperse.

With six journalists arrested this weekend, Saturday marked the worst night for press freedom since the NYPD’s Nov. 15 raid on Zuccotti Park in which more than 10 journalists were arrested and many more reported violence and press suppression. Firsthand accounts from Oakland suggest that police acted with blatant disregard for press credentials, even when other members of the press vouched for the targeted journalists. Those arrested were held anywhere from a few minutes to overnight.

It’s easy to count the number of journalists who were arrested, but it’s impossible to quantify the number of stories that will go untold thanks to this sort of interference with freedom of the press. Read more about the arrests in the Storify post below.


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