Same Old Song: Another Radio Merger

It's the same old song – both on the radio, and in politics. Another mega media merger is looming. Radio giant Cumulus is attempting to acquire radio giant Citadel, giving Cumulus massive control over the airwaves, and leaving the public with even less choices in programming and music on the radio.

On Friday, Free Press filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission expressing doubt about the public interest benefits of the merger. If the proposed transaction is approved, the newly merged company will control 572 radio stations in 120 markets across the country, including eight of the top 10 markets. 

Radio consolidation typically results in increasingly homogenized programming, a reduction in the amount of locally produced radio content, and the loss of local news production. Free Press is warning that the Cumulus/Citadel merger would not buck this trend, but would lead to more of a bad thing: cookie-cutter music playlists, canned programming, and a loss of local, on-air radio talent that truly represents communities.


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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good