Ira Glass Has a Posse

In an interview on NPR’s “On the Media”, Ira Glass, host of “This American Life”, argues that it is time to stand up to the bullies and fight back against the smear campaign being waged against public media in Washington D.C. and on cable news.

But how do we fight back? Here is what Glass suggests:

“With the truth, baby, with the truth. That’s all we got. Listen to what we're doing on the air, and measure it. Call it impractical, call it idealistic, but I have to believe if we get out there with the truth, that, that weapon is a real weapon and actually means something.”

Well Ira, we here at Free Press and are with you.

This week we joined up with Credo Action, and unions like the Communications Workers of America, the National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians, the Writer’s Guild of America, East, and Ira’s union -- the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, -- to deliver more than one million letters from people all across America calling on Congress to halt the cuts, the attacks and the political games that seek to undermine public broadcasting.

We want Ira and his colleagues to know that we’ve got their backs and we are ready to fight. So we created this (with apologies to Shepard Fairey):


We stand with NPR, PBS and the more than 1,300 local stations where our members, our friends and our family rely on public broadcasting everyday.


People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good