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Sandra coordinates Free Press Action Fund’s legislative outreach and lobbying efforts. Before joining Free Press, she served as a legislative assistant in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington office, where she focused on First Amendment and privacy issues, including Net Neutrality, minority media ownership, government-spying programs, and updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Prior to that, she served as a research associate for a 2008 congressional campaign in Maryland and worked in Discovery Communications’ government-relations group. Sandra earned a degree in political science from the University of Maryland.

Expert Analysis

  • Explainer

    Facial-Recognition Technology Is Racially Biased

    December 21, 2016

    While this technology potentially threatens the rights of everyone in America, a recent report uncovered damning racial biases within the systems.

  • Explainer

    Congress Needs to Stop Race-Based Surveillance

    July 18, 2016

    Using tools like facial-recognition technology, law enforcement has found increasingly stealthy and invasive ways to target groups like Black Lives Matter.