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Carmen is an attorney on the policy team working at the intersections of racial justice, technology and internet policy. Her advocacy focuses on developing legal strategies, policies and regulatory filings to protect the open internet, promote network resiliency, foster universal-broadband access, prevent media consolidation and ensure platform accountability. She’s written multiple pieces on platform governance in support of Change the Terms, a coalition working to disrupt online hate and disinformation. Carmen’s research and analysis focuses on how the platforms’ policies, practices and design decisions disproportionately impact communities of color. She’s also testified before Congress about competition in the wireless market and before the Federal Election Commission regarding online political-ad disclosures. Before joining Free Press, Carmen led the policy team at the National Hispanic Media Coalition, where she advocated for policies that advance the communication needs of the Latinx community. In 2018, she was an Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program Ricardo Salinas Scholar for the Conference on Communications Policy. A native of Puerto Rico, Carmen earned her J.D. from Villanova University School of Law and her B.A. from New York University.

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