AT&T, Comcast and Verizon want to control the Internet.
But guess what?

Big companies aren’t in charge of the Internet.

You are.

Let’s keep it that way: Donate today. If we raise $50,000 a generous donor will kick in an extra $50,000.

The Internet belongs to all of us:

Activists fighting for change, students doing their homework, musicians streaming their songs. It belongs to small-business owners trying to reach new customers and innovators dreaming up the next big thing. It belongs to community-builders and information-seekers of all stripes.

We all have a stake in keeping the Internet open — and free from gatekeeper control.

“Free Press has amazing organizers who know how to build popular support for change. The work they’re doing right now to save Net Neutrality and protect free expression online is so important.”

—Free Press member Robert, Amherst, Mass.
Net Neutrality Activists

The Net Neutrality Fight Isn’t Over

Winning real Net Neutrality protections at the FCC in February was a huge deal. The big phone and cable companies lobbied for more than a decade to defeat us — and they didn’t see our victory coming.

Since then they’ve been trying to undermine everything we fought so hard for.

The cable companies and their friends have:

  • Filed 10 lawsuits designed to gut the Net Neutrality rules.
  • Introduced bills and legislative tricks to sabotage these protections.
  • Snuck anti-Net Neutrality language into must-pass funding packages.
  • Intensified their misinformation campaign in the press.

These companies are ignoring the will of the 4 million people who urged the FCC to adopt strong rules. More than that, they’re gouging consumers with sky-high bills — and using the money to try to take away your rights to connect and communicate.

Ready to fight back?

“While most of us complain and suffer defeat after defeat, Free Press takes action and makes our voices heard.
They are truly worth our support.”

—Free Press donor Daniel C., Houston
Net Neutrality Activists

How We’ll Win — AGAIN

We knew Comcast and its cronies wouldn’t take their defeat lying down. That’s why we’re defending the Net Neutrality victory on all fronts.

Here’s what we’ll do with your support:

  • Lobby Congress.

    Our members are calling their legislators, taking action online and showing up in person to get lawmakers to protect Net Neutrality. Thousands of Free Press Action Fund members visited their representatives’ offices in July to urge them to support the FCC rules. Activists made the same ask at dozens of in-district meetings in August. And we’re just getting started!

  • Make our case in court.

    Free Press has intervened in federal court to defend the FCC’s authority and the Net Neutrality protections. We’re going up against a former solicitor general and lawyers who have argued before the Supreme Court — but we’ve got a strong case and are crafting winning arguments to safeguard the FCC rules.

  • Get the truth out in the press.

    We’re connecting with key journalists and media outlets and firing back at cable lobby Op-Eds that are spreading lies about Net Neutrality.

  • Power up our Internet 2016 campaign.

    We launched this campaign to ensure that anyone who ends up in the White House and other key elected offices will protect free speech, access, choice, privacy and openness online.

    net neutrality billboard

    Free Press’ enormous digital billboard in Times Square celebrates the power of the open Internet.

“I’ve been on the board of around a dozen nonprofit organizations over the past 25 years. There is no doubt that Free Press is the best-managed and organized group I have overseen. The waste factor is all but nonexistent. Every penny is spent like it has a manhole cover attached to it.”

—Free Press board member