Josh Levy

Internet Campaign Director

Josh leads Free Press’ work to protect Internet freedom, stop government and corporate surveillance, secure public use of the public airwaves and promote universal access to high-speed Internet. Before joining Free Press, Josh was the managing editor of, where he supervised the launch of more than a dozen issue-based blogs. Josh holds a B.A. in English and religion from the University of Vermont and an M.F.A. in integrated media arts from Hunter College.

Blog Posts

Recent Press Statements

  • More Than 1 Million People Call on FCC to Save Net Neutrality

    January 30, 2014

    WASHINGTON -- On Thursday, Free Press led a coalition of organizations — including the ACLU, Avaaz, Common Cause, ColorOfChange, CREDO, DailyKos, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, the Harry Potter Alliance, MoveOn, RootsAction and the Sierra Club's SierraRise community — that delivered more than 1 million petitions to the Federal Communications Commission urging the agency to restore Net Neutrality.

  • Coalition of 100-Plus Organizations to Hold Largest-Ever Rally Against Mass Surveillance on Patriot Act Anniversary

    September 26, 2013
    WASHINGTON -- As the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees plan upcoming hearings on U.S. surveillance programs and data collection, the StopWatching.Us coalition today announced that it will bring thousands to the nation’s capital to rally against mass surveillance.
  • 100,000 Demand End to NSA Spying at StopWatching.Us

    June 13, 2013

    WASHINGTON — Within 48 hours of the launch of StopWatching.Us, more than 100,000 people have demanded a congressional investigation into the National Security Agency's spying activities and full accountability for those involved.

    A diverse coalition of privacy, Internet freedom and civil liberties advocates —including Mozilla, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Free Press Action Fund — created the website in response to revelations about the NSA's domestic surveillance programs.

In the News

  • Remember When We Toppled SOPA/PIPA in Just 24 Hours? How the People Can Still Win on Net Neutrality

    March 7, 2014

    When it comes to limiting digital rights, big companies are in cahoots with governments like never before. But the belief that everyone deserves safe, affordable, and private access to the Internet is taking off.

  • The Epic Online Battle Against NSA Spying Has Begun

    Daily Dot
    June 11, 2013

    Eighty-six Internet companies and organizations sent a letter to Washington demanding the formation of a Congressional committee to investigate the NSA’s surveillance tactics and “reveal to the public the extent of this domestic spying.” The coalition — including Mozilla, Reddit, Greenpeace, BoingBoing, and the American Civil Liberties Union — has also launched a petition at StopWatching.Us.

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